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Considering Closing Down Your Pool?

The professionals at Famous Amos Pool Cleaning want you to think twice before deciding to close your swimming pool this winter. Yes, we live in the Greater Houston area, and yes the winters are very mild, but we still get a lot of calls from our customers asking if they should close down their pool.

Here are some benefits of keeping your pool open year round.

Visual Effects: You have made your pool the centerpiece of your backyard, so why cover it five months out of the year? We highly suggest that you consider our year round maintenance program that will keep your backyard looking great with a pool that will be crystal clear. To continue reading, please click here.

Different Types of Pool Filters

Keeping your swimming pool clean is one of the most essential part of pool ownership. The circulation of water allows the pool chemicals to keep the water sanitized and crystal clear. This is greatly aided by the type of pool filter that you use in your swimming pool. The three types of pool filters are sand, cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.).

Sand Filters

Sand filters are the easiest to use of all the types of pool filters. The operation is very basic, but excellent at doing the job of removing dirt and debris from your pool. Pool water is pumped into the filter and the sand traps the containments. To continue read, please click here.

Keeping the bugs out of your pool!

There are only a few summer time pleasures that beat time spending time in a pool. To your surprise… there are any number of insects that also enjoy that time too! If the sight of bugs sharing your pool isn’t bad enough, some of these culprits may actually bite you. You can convince unwanted insects that your pool is closed for the season. Like any unwanted guest, it takes denying them food and making the place unlivable to them, but ideal for you.

Two Likely Suspects

From lady bugs to caterpillars and every bee, spider, fly or bug between, most any insect can end up in your swimming pool water. To continue reading, please click here.