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Considering Closing Down Your Pool?

The professionals at Famous Amos Pool Cleaning want you to think twice before deciding to close your swimming pool this winter. Yes, we live in the Greater Houston area, and yes the winters are very mild, but we still get a lot of calls from our customers asking if they should close down their pool.

Here are some benefits of keeping your pool open year round.

Visual Effects: You have made your pool the centerpiece of your backyard, so why cover it five months out of the year? We highly suggest that you consider our year round maintenance program that will keep your backyard looking great with a pool that will be crystal clear. To continue reading, please click here.

Cost Benefit: Keeping your pool open year round costs just about the same as paying a company to correctly close and re-open your pool. Keep in mind that stagnant, untreated water causes algae and a chemical imbalance, which takes a toll on your pool’s plaster and equipment. When closing your pool, you are increasing the risk of having both a pool filled with algae and costly equipment repairs.

Protect Your Investment: Multiple studies have shown that when a swimming pool turns green, the untreated water of Call EHS deteriorates the pool’s plaster. Closing your pool year after year may result in half the life expectancy of your pool’s plaster. Why take the risk?

Properly closing your swimming pool is very important. Improper closings can cause damage to the pool shell, cracks in the plumbing and structural issues that can cost thousands of dollars to fix. If you do decide to close your pool this coming winter, it is important to contact the pool professionals at Famous Amos. Our experienced pool technicians can help you make sure your pool is properly closed and stays clean.